Language Teacher
FriendsSusie Carmichael
Kimi Finster
EnemiesAngelica Pickles
Voice ActorBronson Pinchot
First Appearance"Chuckie's in Love" (2003)
Last Appearance"Runaround Susie" (2004)
Pepe is a character who appears in the spin-off series, "All Grown Up!" He is the eccentric school chef who makes weird meals in the school, which Angelica was able to point out. Pepe is also the coach of the language team.


Pep is a tall and slim French man who loves to cook and is highly interested in winning the language contest. He is shown to be overly defensive of cooking when Angelica criticized it. He is also shown to be very worried when things seem to go wrong, take Susie singing her language words instead of speaking them (and wrong in fact) during the practice for the finals in "Runaround Susie". Pepe has a light-brown skin complexion and brown hair. He is seen wearing his chef attire throughout the series with a red scarf.


  • It's unknown whether or not Pepe knew about Phil's talent for cooking.
  • In "Runaround Susie", Pepe finally won the "Golden Tongue" trophy thanks to his language team.

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