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Piggy's Pizza Palace Gallery Transcript

Tommy: Here we are, guys. Piggy's Pitbull Palace.

Chuckie: Ahh! Oh, no! I breaked them. Ahh! No he's really going to be mad.

Piggy Circuit bent: My

Tommy: Wait, Chuckie, that's not the real right, he's just a robot!

Phil: It is.

Tommy: See its all full of metal stuff.

Phil: Uh-huh, I could get a real pizza.

Piggy: My barnyard...

Tommy: Let's go find that real piggy.

Piggy slo no: Ooby doo, ooby Dee

(She got the pig pen open)

Angelica: I'm free

Piggy: My barnyard (with a vapor)

Piggy: Mm, sounds like trouble.

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