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Pirate Light Gallery Transcript
Season 4 Episode 16b
Pirate Light Title Card
Pirate Light
Original Airdate November 22, 1997
DVD release Season 4
Previous Episode Angelica Nose Best
Next Episode Grandpa's Bad Bug
Pirate Light is a Season 4 episode of Rugrats.


When the Pickles's pilot light goes out, Stu and Didi hire a repair man to come and fix it. However, the man hired is less than honest about why he is there. In the end, the kids end up outsmarting him.

Characters Present


  • The repairman was voiced by Andrew Dice Clay. Dice Clay is famous for get banned from MTV and Saturday Night Live!.
  • The inspiration for this episode came from writer Jon Cooksey's 4 year-old daughter Mariel Cooksey who thought pirate's were coming to their house to fix their broken pilot light.

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