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Psycho Angelica Gallery Transcript

{The episode begins in the African savanna as the sun rises. A lion roars. A tiger leaps. A gorilla beats its chest. Pull back as it's revealed to be a box of animal crackers. We're in the living room. Chuckie Finster is curled up next to the box in worry while the Deville twins are playing with their belly buttons, and Tommy Pickles looks outside the window seeing Spike, howling and acting like a dog. He stops for a moment and notices Chuckie.) Tommy: What's wrong, Chuckie?

Chuckie: I was trying to get an animal cracker.

Tommy: (peering into the box) Hmmm, are they all gone?

Chuckie: No, that's the problem. There's too many of 'em. I'd like to get a nice monkey or a zeber ["zebra"], but it's dark in there, and I might get a tiger or something scary like that.

Tommy: That's the fun of it, Chuckie. You don't know what you're gonna get until you get it. (He pulls out two gorilla crackers from the box and gives Chuckie one of them.)

Chuckie: (eating it) It's not fun for me.

(In the kitchen, Angelica is playing with her Cynthia Gymnasium play set, as she makes Cynthia bounce on the trampoline, while Didi is on the phone.)

Angelica: Okay, Cynthia. Work those abdominals. (Another bounce.) What? Hungry already?

Didi: Oh, but your restaurant's only two blocks away. How could they get lost for an hour?

Angelica: (hodling up Cynthia) Aunt Didi, Cynthia wants a hot dog for lunch, and a hundred cookies.

Didi: No cookies right now, Angelica. We've ordered a pizza, and it's gonna get here any minute, I hope. (She then calls to Stu, who's getting out a scrub brush and some dog shampoo from the sink cabinet.) Honey, before you give Spike his bath, would you take Tommy a bottle of juice?

Stu: Sure thing, Deed.

(Angelica takes this poorly. She then takes her set to the play pen as Tommy digs some lint from his belly button.)

Tommy: (to Phil and Lil) Are you sure it's okay to eat this?

Lil: It's all natural.

(Tommy puts the lint in his mouth.)

Tommy: I wish I had a bottle.

Angelica: Ah, quit whining. Your dad's about to bring you some juice. (sarcastically) Like anybody would ever bring me anything.

(Stu comes into the living room with a bottle of juice for Tommy.)

Stu: (giving Tommy the bottle) Here you go, champ. Hydrate in good health.

(Tommy takes his juice while Angelica looks out the window and sees Stu put Spike in the tub. Chuckie is astonished.)

Chuckie: Wow, that's amazing!

Tommy: No, I think it's apple.

Chuckie: I mean, didn't you see what just happened? (to Angelica) How'd you do that, Angelica?

Angelica: Do what?

Chuckie: You said Tommy was gonna get a bottle, and then he got it! How did you know?

Angelica: I just...(She stops for a moment and then imagines the animal crackers float out of the box.) ...have magical powers.

(The babies gasp in surprise.)

Lil: Really?

Angelica: Sure, I can predipt ["predict"] the future. I'm a psycho. ["psychic"]

Tommy: (rather suspicious) Hmmm. If you're really a psycho, predipt something else.

Angelica: Uh, okay. Uh, I predipt that, um... (She thinks long and hard.)

Tommy: (walking away) See? She was just faking.

(Angelica doesn't take this very well until she looks out the window and sees something pull up into the driveway.)

Angelica: Ah! (It's a pizza delivery truck. She then goes back to the babies.) Wait! I see something...something cheesy.

Lil: Is it between my toes?

Angelica: No, no. It's a...a pizza.

Phil: Pizza? (pushing Lil out of the way) Where?

Angelica: It's... It's on... It's on the moon. No, it' the Specific ["Pacific"] Ocean. No, wait, wait. It's... (A knock on the door.) It's here!

(The babies look as Stu goes to the door and opens it to reveal the pizza delivery boy with a couple boxes of pizza.)

Stu: Finally.

(The babies gasp in surprise and awe, including Tommy.)

(Angelica dresses up of psycho.)


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