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Real or Robots? Gallery Transcript

(The episode begins with raining and lightning and the Pickles' house at night. The screen then moves to an experimental room of an evil scientist.)

Mad Scientist: At last, my experiment is almost complete. Soon I will replace every man, woman and child with my robots and take over the world! (Laughs evilly) 

(The screen then pans to Tommy and Chuckie watching a movie on T.V. of the mad scientist laughing.Tommy and Chuckie watch in horror as the mad scientist brings the robot to life via what appears to be a man via lightning power and then stands it upright by tipping the bed forward, as the robot begins to stand up it gradually starts to smile. As the robot begins walking toward a door, a boy opens the door and recognizes the robot as his father.)

Boy on T.V.: Oh, No! Dad! You're a robot! (Just as Tommy and Chuckie are about to watch the robot grab his son, Stu turns off the T.V. Tommy and Chuckie look up at him and gasp.)

Stu: This movie is way too scary for you kids. (puts down the remote) Come on now, it's time for bed.

(Chuckie follows Stu, but Tommy stays behind, turns the T.V. back on, and gets one last look at the movie; he watches in horror as the robot is carrying away his frightened son.)

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