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Season Two Episode 6a
Stuie Regards
Regarding Stuie
Original Airdate October 11, 1992
Previous Episode Ice Cream Mountain
Next Episode Garage Sale

Regarding Stuie is a Season two episode of Rugrats.         

Characters Present


Stu develops temporary amnesia and acts like a baby.


Stu has invented a mechanical weather vane called the Quack-O-Matic, which can give weather forecasts, tell the time and temperature in other cities, and predict earthquakes, but unfortunately cannot tell the wind direction. While setting up the weather vane on the roof, he has an unfortunate accident. A "fight" with the gadget causes him to fall off the roof and develop temporary amnesia. The babies do not know this until he begins acting like a baby.

Upon distinquishing his amnesia and similarities to a baby, they put Stu in a makeshift cloth diaper to better recognize him as a baby. They then take advantage of having a taller "baby" around, and use him to reach the cookies on the counter, to reach the Christmas presents they need to wait for that are on top of a high shelf, and do many other things.

When Stu accidentally breaks Lil's doll and becomes very upset, Tommy begins to miss his father and decides he'd rather have Stu than Stuie. They don't know how to change him back until they realize that the weather vane did this to Stu, so it can probably undo it as well.

The babies tell Stu to climb the ladder leading to the roof and fight the weather vane. Stu falls again and is back to normal. Didi sees him in his "diaper" and asks him why he is wearing her bed sheets.


Didi: Grandpa! Leave those carob-tofu cluster cookies alone. They're for after dinner.

Grandpa Lou: After dinner? In my day, we were lucky if we had any dinner!


  • This is one of the first episodes in which Stu expresses his talent in inventing.
  • A similiar plot from this episode took place for Nigel Thornberry in Rugrats Go Wild.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which an adult is seen wearing a diaper. Along with Party Animals.
  • This is the only episode prior to the seasons after the film, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie in which an adult communicaties with the babies instead of to them.
  • This is the second time Stu cries. The first being Momma Trauma.
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