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Rex Pester


Rex Pester
News Reporter
Reporting, Pestering his audience
Grownups, Monkeys
First Apperance:
Last Appearance:
An Injured Rex shoving the reporter off the reuninon scene

an injured Rex shoving away another reporter out of the reunion scene

 Rex Pester is the main human/tertiary antagonist of The Rugrats Movie. He is voiced by Tim Curry.

True to his name, he is a nosy, and arrogant news reporter--a real pest. Constantly getting the names of the missing babies wrong and blowing the situation out of proportion--making everything even worse. He's also rather callous and uncaring towards the situation: he asks Didi "Please tell us how it feels knowing you may never see your children again." And even after being called out by Betty for that question, Rex repeats the question to Didi. As Drew and Charlotte arrive, Rex hounds Drew by asking him how it felt knowing that "your brother lost your only daughter?" Furious, Drew tackles Stu with the other adults trying to break up the fight. Rex then displays the missing babies photos (getting all their names wrong) and ends his report there.

Later on, Rex flying over the forest on his helicopter when Stu accidentally slams into the chopper on his Dactar Glider. As Rex tries to push Stu out, Stu accidentally rips out the chopper's throttle, sending it into tailspin and crash-landing into the forest. As his chopper crashes, Rex sobs out "And I never won an Emmy!"

When the babies are reunited with their parents, an injured Rex shoves away another reporter already on the scene. The Circus Monkeys promptly ambush Rex and steal his toupee, to everyone's amusement. What happened to Rex Pester after that is currently unknown. It is assumed that he's never been seen again.


  • He is commonly mistaken as the secondary antagonist.  However, the Circus Monkeys are the secondary antagonists behind Scar Snout, since Rex only makes a few appearances throughout the movie.

    The Monkeys ambushing Rex and giving him his karma, to everyone's amusement

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