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Rhinoceritis! Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 3b
Rhinoceritis Title Card
Original Airdate October 10, 1993
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode Tricycle Thief
Next Episode Grandpa Moves Out

Rhinoceritis! is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Angelica, playing doctor with her "Binks Mcgee Doctor Kit ", tells Chuckie he has "Rhinoceritis", a disease that will turn him into a rhino. When Chuckie feels a bump beginning to grown on his head, he believes Angelica's diagnosis is true.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode begins with Angelica dressed as a doctor and Drew and Cynthia wrapped in bandages like mummies arriving at Stu, Didi, Dil, Spike, Spiffy and Tommy's house. Stu and Drew work and Angelica says she's a "sturgeon" or a doctor and that, yes, you can be a doctor at three. She wraps Spike in bandages like a mummy and he knocks over the papers, bothering Drew. Then Angelica tells Chuckie that he has the worst disease in the world: Rhinoceritis, which turns you into a rhino. She says that he is grumpy and his scab is rhinocerus skin. Chuckie doesn't want to play because he thinks he will be a rhino, and Angelica "tests" him in Spike's doghouse. Chuckie can't count Angelica's fingers and she says rhinoceri can't either. Then she hits him with a rubber hammer and tells him he's got a bump on his leg. Tommy, Phil and Lil want to help Chuckie. Tommy remembers a long time ago Didi was sick and Stu cured her with flowers so they find flowers for Chuckie. Stu tells a grumpy Drew and Didi he always keeps a record of everything he buys. Angelica "X-Rays" Chuckie with an etch a sketch and tells him she will have to cut him open with a saw and unscrew his head with a corkscrew, so he runs out of the doghouse. Tommy and Phil show up with flowers and Angelica says that she and Lil "lost" Chuckie. They see the bushes moving and think Chuckie's in there. Angelica says rhinoceri charge at random and love to chase babies. Then, Spike jumps out of the bushes onto Tommy and licks his face. Then Chuckie sits in the bushes and mumbles "I'm not coming out. I like my head." Phil says Chuckie will have to live in the zoo but Chuckie is scared of zoos, Lil says maybe the circus but he's scared of clowns, so maybe the jungle. Angelica is laughing. They ask what's so funny. Angelica admits she made it up but says it was for "practise". Tommy says she'll have to tell the truth to Chuckie, who then crawls out of the bushes. He was eating grass. Angelica says she made it up, but Chuckie doesn't believe her. Tommy and Angelica say that he's fine and some people are always grumpy (like Angelica who is grumpy right then). Chuckie worries about the red mark on his head. Then Angelica shows a red mark on her head and scabs on her knees, Phil and Lil say she is sick. Stu gets mad at a lot of money and starts acting like a baby.

Trivia There are several instances when all the Rugrats mispronouce "Rhinoceritis" and in one such instance Chuckie says "Rhinoplasty" which is the proper medical term for any type of nose job. "Itis" is also the root word meaning inflammation so this would loosely translate to Inflammation Of The Rhinoceros.

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