Rugrats: Royal Ransom
Developer(s) Avalanche Software
Publisher THQ
Series Rugrats
Platform(s) Game Cube, PlayStation 2
Released Nov 26, 2002
Previous Rugrats: Castle Capers
Next Rugrats: I Gotta Go Party

Rugrats: Royal Ransom is the tenth game in the Rugrats games series. The video game was released on November 26, 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and Game Cube.


Stu Pickles, Tommy's dad, creates the PlayPalace 3000, which is a huge playground made out of many zones that expands out of a small metal cylinder. He needs to leave to get duct tape and paper clips, so he leaves Lou Pickles to watch the kids, and when he falls asleep, Angelica enters the PlayPalace 3000 and takes their toys. She challenges the Rugrats to come and take them back.

Five of the Rugrats are playable; Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil DeVille, Lil DeVille, and Kimi Finster, who each start at the same base. The game begins with Tommy but the characters can be switched outside of the zones.

Susie Carmichael gives information to the player throughout the game and praises them.


The game is set in the Pickles' backyard, where the PlayPalace 3000 is located. The Rugrats first have to collect 100 coins to get into the PlayPalace, and afterwards, they have to collect Batteries around the backyard and the many Zones.

When a player completes a game, they will earn a Big Battery proceed to other Zones and to go up a level.

Angelica Pickles is located on the top floor, and when the player completes that level, the Rugrats will get their toys back.


  • The game's graphics looks similar to the graphics in Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly.
  • 'Tak' makes a cameo, within a snow cave, waving in the snowboarding minigame.
  • Chuckie is voiced by Candi Milo in this video game, Milo would later provide the voice of Dexter from "Dexter's Laboratory" taking over from Christine Cavanaugh who also voiced Chuckie.


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