Rugrats: Studio Tour
Developer(s) n-Space
Publisher THQ
Series Rugrats
Platform(s) Playstation
Released November 10, 1999
Previous Search for Reptar
Next Scavenger Hunt
Rugrats: Studio Tour is a PlayStation video game published on November 10, 1999 based on the Nickelodeon television series Rugrats. It is rated E for everyone. It is also the second game in the Rugrats Games Series.


While on a trip to a movie studio, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Susie, and baby Dil venture away from the grownups. But in the process, Dil gets locked behind a door, and the security guard loses the keys to the door thanks to Dil himself. It's up to the babies to find all the keys to that particular door and get Dil back!

First, the babies must play a game and if they successfully complete the game they will be awarded with a key that needs to be put into a keyhole from one to eight. Once inside, there is another gate with a total of twenty-five keyholes.

Once all of the keys have been inserted, the gate will open with a way to the mansion, Okey Dokey Jungle, and Reptar Park, where a Reptar car and robot can be found.

The game comes to an end when the babies return to their parents and are awarded with ice cream. Except for Angelica, who was caught running away.


  • Lazy Saddles: A western-themed set where you play as Susie. The title is a pun on the movie Blazing Saddles. The director here is Chap Brooke.
    • Western Hole: A nine-hole miniature golf game with a western theme. If your score by the end of this game is below par (34), then you get a key and a bonus level.
    • Coal Mine: The objective is to get the gold before time runs out. Use your flashlight to zap away the ghost cars; if one hits you, you lose gold. Similar to the "Treasure Hunt" game, only you ride in a coal cart.
    • Milk Squirt: A shooting gallery. The goal is to simply complete the given objectives before the time runs out. Similar to the "Lazy Beam" game, only you are armed with a milk bottle.
    • Round Up: A game where you must grab the animals and return them to their pens within the lime limit. In the case of Spike, you must chase the animals to their right pens.
  • Outside Space: A space-themed set where you play as Chuckie. The director here is Hayashi Muramatsu .
    • Zero Gees: A sidescroller. The goal is to reach the end of each stage.
    • Loonie Lander: The goal is to get the aliens before time runs out.
    • Lazy Beam: A shooting gallery. The goal is to simply complete the given objectives before the time runs out. Similar to the "Milk Squirt" game, only you are armed with a laser zapper.
  • Diapies of Thunder: A racecar-themed set where, even though Phil and Lil are both seen in front of it, you play as Phil. All of the games on this set are racing-based. The director here is John Speed.
    • Speedway Race: A racing game where you play as Chuckie. Other players are Tommy, Phil, and Angelica.
    • Bayou Beltway: This racing game is set in the swamp. You play as Lil. The other competitors are Chuckie, Susie, and Angelica.
    • Desert Race: This racing game is set in a Wild West desert. You play as Angelica. The other competitors are Lil, Chuckie, and Tommy.
  • Captain Cookies: A pirate-themed set where you play as Angelica. The director here is Andrew Gold.
    • Pirate Hole: A nine-hole miniature golf game with a pirate theme.
    • Treasure Hunt: The directive is to collect all the gold coins before time runs out. Similar to "Coal Mine" except that you're on foot.
    • Footrace: You play as Angelica and race the other babies.
    • Pirate Tag: Tag all the other babies before time runs out.

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