The cover for Boredom Busters.

Rugrats: Totally Angelica: Boredom Busters is a PC video game that is a sequel to Totally Angelica, which had been released on the PlayStation and the Game Boy Color and Mattel Interactive.

In this game the player can dress up Angelica and do all sorts of activities. Unlike the original game, Angelica does not have to go around playing minigames to unlock her costume pieces and so on.


Jump into Angelica's world for hours of un-boring activities. In this first Rugrats CD-ROM just for girls, it's all about Angelica--as it should be. Help Angelica cope with another boring night with the babysitter as she indulges her every fantasy. Whether she's pretending to be a movie star, supermodel, hip-hop dancer, professional ice skater, or even a cat burglar, girls will do it their way in three zany games and three different activities. Create your own music video, then save your routines to play over again--or e-mail them to your friends. Dress Angelica in a variety of fashions, from evening wear to hip-hop gear, sportswear to high glamour, with all the accessories that go with it. Create a high-fashion photo shoot for Angelica. Choose color-customizable outfits from her closet, take the shot, and add it to her portfolio. Features original character voices from the hit Rugrats TV show.



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