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The Odd Couple "A clean room is a happy room."
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  • Tommy, Angelica, Chuckie, Phil & Lil, & Dil
  • More Rugrats coming, don't crawl too far (farts) [Nickelodeon cloud]
  • Rugrats will return, wipey time. [Nickelodeon electron leg]
  • [Nickelodeon hair windbag error] (cries) Don't cry, Rugrats we'll be right back [Nickelodeon butterfly]
  • Rugrats will return, eat some baby food [Nickelodeon windbag clash]
  • Phil & Lil:

The babies are back (belching) [Nickelodoen electron leg]

  • [Nickelodeon hair windbag error] Rugrats return, worms in all [Nickelodeon whale]
  • Tommy, Dil & Chuckie:

[Nickelodeon whale error] (snoring) Nap time's over, Rugrats are back [Nickelodeon Totem Pole]

  • Tommy, Phil & Lil & Dil:

More Rugrats, after we break [Nickelodeon cloud]

  • Tommy:

Rugrats are cleaned up and back on [Nickelodeon squiggly windbag]

  • Dil:

Rugrats are back from more. (hiccuping) [Nickelodeon cloud]

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