Rugrats Rock
Rugrats Rock
Episode N/A
Sung by Ronney Abramson
Released N/A
Album N/A
Rugrats Rock Music Video01:46

Rugrats Rock Music Video

Rugrats Rock is a song by a Canadian band named the Rugrats.


Monster in the house, robot on the loose, 

Run away train, hey Chuckie grab the caboose!

Rugrats, Rugrats, the things you get into

Rugrats, Rugrats, trouble looks for you

A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do

Bottles flying through the air, bodies on the ground

Angelica intercepts and the game turns around

Rugrats, Rugrats, who is raising who?

Rugrats, Rugrats, the things you get into

Better watch out that the sand man doesn't get you

Grownups are off in a world of their own

They don't know what's going on when the kids are alone

Tommy's in the lead, Chuckie's not sure

Angelica screams, it's the view from the flooor

Diapers in the darkness, creeping through the night

Dad's gone wild, Hey who turned out the light!

Rugrats, Rugrats, the things you get into

Rugrats, Rugrats, trouble looks for you

A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do


A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!


Music Video

The song comes with a music video which appears on the Decade in Diapers DVD, which contains clips (some edited) from various episodes


Party Animals

Monster in the Garage

What the Big People Do

Toy Palace

Tooth or Dare

Susie vs. Angelica

The Shot

Family Reunion

No Bones About It

Barbecue Story

Garage Sale

Together At Last

Special Delivery

Twins Pique

Incident in Aisle Seven

Touchdown Tommy

Baby Commercial

Little Dude

Candy Bar Creep Show

Real or Robots?

Moose Country

Momma Trauma

At the Movies

Beach Blanket Babies

Reptar's Revenge

Ruthless Tommy


The Box

The Old Country

Stu-Maker's Elves

Let There Be Light

The Santa Experience

A Visit From Lipschitz

Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster

Regarding Stuie

Visitors from Outer Space

The Inside Story

Runaway Angelica

Let Them Eat Cake

Cool Hand Angelica


Grandpa's Teeth 

Meet the Carmichaels


  • It is not know for sure if the Candian band "The Rugrats" wrote the song
  • It is not known for sure when the song was released 
  • In the rebranded version of the 90's are all that, "The Splat", the song was played during commercial during the Reptar Takeover Week

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