Rugrats Run Riot
Discs 1
Episodes 9
Released April 25, 2005
Specials 7
Rugrats Run Riot is DVD that contains 9 episodes from Season 1, 2, 4 and 5.


  1. Babysitting Fluffy
  2. Jonathan Babysits
  3. Family Reunion
  4. The Art Fair
  5. Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup (orginal version)
  6. Little Dude
  7. The Wild Wild West
  8. Stu-Maker's Elves
  9. A Very McNulty Birthday

Bonus Features

  • Ego From Mars "Ego's Rocket
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Storyboards

Other specials

  • Ego's Rocket


  • Arlene Klasky (voices)
  • Gabor Csupo (voices)

Unlike Episodes

  1. A Very Mcnulty Birthday
  2. New and Sealed (orginal version)


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