Since its pilot episode, Rugrats has had many changes in its production of episodes and characters.


  • The original Rugrats logo was different compared to the usual.
  • Tommy is voiced by Tami Holbrook.
  • The design of Tommy is very different compared to the next episodes.
  • The pilot was made in 1990 but never aired on Nickelodeon. However, it can be found on YouTube, and on the Decades in Diapers Collection.


  • Rugrats begins running episodes on Nickelodeon during the 10:30AM Sunday time slot.
  • Tommy wears a red-orange shirt rather than his blue shirt in a few episodes.
  • A woman with glasses who by many is assumed to be Chuckie's mother makes a cameo in the episode Barbecue Story (This is not confirmed by Klasky Csupo).
  • The episode Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup is the only episode not to have a title card, but it was added later, first on a rerun in the Summer of 1997.
  • This season has a different look compared to the other seasons. The animation, which was done in Taiwan by Wang Film Productions  is quite crude, yet smooth, and character designs are slightly different.


  • Production is switched to many (South) Korean companies, mainly Anivision.


  • The 22nd episode of season 3 Pickles Vs. Pickles is very different compared to the next season episodes. It is the last episode containing a little dark tone (due the fact of the main plot it's about Drew's nightmare).
  • In the middle of Season 3, the animation started to get cruder.
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    Rugrats Animation Style in 1993

  • After "A Rugrats Passover" aired on March 18, 1995, the show went on a hiatus.


  • The hiatus ended, and Rugrats was given a heavier marketing campaign, and featured more detailed art.
  • Beginning here, the babies would start to talk more and Tommy would no longer have his own adventures.
  • Phil has ear lobes.
  • Mark Mothersbaugh's music toned down, compared to his more serious soundtrack of the previous seasons. (For example, the music is more serious in Chuckie's Wonderful Life - an episode of the "original" seasons ).
  • Bob Mothersbaugh replaces Denis M. Hannigan as the secondary musician of the new seasons.



  • At the end of the show they started to use the Klasky Csupo "Splat" logo