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Rugrats Comic from 2002

Rugrats comic strip was a daily comic script featuring the characters from the Rugrats television series which was started on April 5 1998 and ended on May 3 2003, the same time the television series ended.

Like the program, the comic strip was written to be humorous to both kids and adults.Early strips had no continuity, but later years featured small storylines. Public reaction to the series was muted, compared to the series. Washington Post readers of all age brackets, for example, voted Rugrats as its worst comic strip. Many newspapers quickly demoted the title to Sunday-only. There was also a controversy over perceived anti-Semitism in a 1998 strip featuring Boris Kropotkin reciting the Kaddish prayer in a synagogue which resulted in the banishment of the character from the comic strip.


The infamous 1998 Boris strip

Relation to the animation

Occasional comic strips conflict with the continuity of the television series, reintroducing characters in different scenarios, but some take plotlines from episodes. One comic included Rocket Power character Otto Rocket in the background. One 2000 comic strip about the themed to the summer was printed during the northern hemisphere's winter. A 1999 comic strip about flu shots ran in May.

For the weeks of November 26 to December 9, 2000, the strips were themed to the feature film Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. The assumption is that the readers have seen the feature film, not fully dealing with the major plot points of the movie. In the November 30 strip, Kimi first appears in the comic strip, without any introduction to the character. The first week after the series is about Chuckie being excited that he has a new sister. Likewise, the week leading up to the premiere of the episode "All Growed Up" and the following week ran strips showing flash-forwards to the All Grown Up! versions of the characters.

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