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Name: Santa Claus, St. Nick, Kris Kringle
Voiced By: Tony Jay and Neil Ross
Appearances:The Santa Experience, Babies In Toyland


"The Big Jolly Guy" appears at the gang's forest cabin on Christmas Eve to remind everyone what the season and holiday are all about. He is a friendly, kind, loving man and is very good to children. He seems to know about Chuckie's fear of him, smiling calmly "Still think I'm scary?" He even knows that Angelica was trying to be good and rewards her for trying. But he still wants to teach her a little lesson, so he leaves a small piece of coal in her Cynthia beachouse's garage. This shocks Angelica to see the coal in place of her toy car, to which Didi also sees and says "Angelica? Is that a lump of coal?"

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