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Season Two Episode 4a
Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch
Original Airdate September 27, 1992
Previous Episode The Shot
Next Episode Mirrorland

Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch is the first segment of the fourth episode of Season 2 and the seventeenth episode overall.

Characters Present


Tommy faces a bully at a new playground.


Grandpa Lou takes Tommy and Chuckie to a southwest themed playground one day. There they meet Belinda, a cute baby with long, curly blond hair. Belinda happily gives them apple juice, but when they notice she has a band-aid on her elbow and ask her what happened, Belinda becomes upset and quietly says she doesn't want to talk about it. However, she smiles and invites them to play with her. Tommy and Chuckie quickly befriend Belinda, and they play all morning, until the clock strikes noon. All around them, babies and toddlers stop playing to run and hide.

Belinda says she has to go home now. When Tommy and Chuckie ask why, Belinda explains that it's "no shadow time", and that's when The Junk Food Kid comes to the playground, "the meanest toddler in town."

Moments later The Junkfood Kid, a tall, slightly chubby girl, arrives at the playground and proceeds to bully Belinda. Tommy and Chuckie try to stop her from picking on their new friend, but she manages to smack Chuckie in the face with a chocolate bar, and stick a popscicle down Tommy's diaper. While the two of them are distracted, The Junkfood Kid blows a big bubblegum bubble, and pops it on Belinda, ruining her hair!

That night in bed Tommy ponders the days events. Tommy could run and hide like the other kids during no shadow time from now on, but he remembers Grandpa Lou saying to always do the right thing.

The next day at the playground, Tommy and Chuckie find a broken-hearted Belinda, as most of her hair is gone now because of what The Junkfood Kid did. Tommy promises to stop The Junkfood Kid the next time she shows up.

No shadow time comes, and so does The Junkfood Kid. Tommy takes on The Junkfood Kid like he promised, who tries to use bubblegum on him the same way she used it on Belinda (despite Tommy's lack of hair). Tommy tries to pop the bubble before it's too late using the popscicle stick from yesterdays events, but The Junkfood Kid knocks it out of his hand. However, Chuckie tosses him a candy cane The Junkfood Kid was eating moments ago, and Tommy sucessfully uses it against her. The bubblegum backfires on The Junkfood Kid, thoroughly covering her face and hair.

The Junkfood Kid bursts into tears, and her mother appears on the scene. As her mother carries her away, she is heard saying "I could just kick myself for giving you that gum, Prudence!" Tommy repeats the real name of The Junkfood Kid curiously, but it's quickly forgotten as the kids of the playground surround Tommy and cheer to him for standing up to the bully. As everybody cheers Belinda and Tommy share a smile with eachother.

Either later that day, or the next day, everybody is playing happily at the playground when suddenly The Junkfood Kid arrives! Everybody freezes in fright at her appearence, but Tommy, Chuckie, and Belinda stand their ground. The Junkfood Kid had most of her hair cut off just like Belinda's because of the gum.

Tommy asks her what she's (shyly and nervously) eating. It's revealed to be carrot sticks, which she offers to share with Tommy! Tommy politely declines, and Belinda asks Prudence if she wants to play with them. Prudence accepts, and the kids of the playground relax and play again, because The Junkfood Kid is no more.

Tommy pickles
Tommy Pickles at the ending.


  • This is the only appearance of Belinda and Prudence.
  • This is the first episode Nancy Cartwright voice acted in the Rugrats series as Prudence.
  • Chuckie states that he met Tommy when Tommy was eight days old. However, in a later episode when the gang remembers how they all met, they weren't much younger then they are now. It's most likely that an friendship origin episode wasn't planned at the time, and when they did decide on doing one either forgot or disregarded this episode.
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