Blues Book
Singin' the Blues
Number of Pages 24
Written by Jenny Miglis
Released June 28, 2005
Singin' the Blues is an All Grown Up! paperback book that was released on June 28, 2005 by TokyoPop. It is based on the episode "Susie Sings the Blues".


"A talent scout feels that Susie has what it takes to be a huge singer. Her parents, on the other hand, hate the idea and want her to focus on her grades. But Susie can't forget about her dream of being a star, and decides to take things into her own hands! Meanwhile, Chuckie wants to live life on the edge, taking risks and pulling pranks. Tommy tries to help his best friend out...until Chuckie goes overboard! Will they both end up in big trouble?". -Blurb description


The plot of this book follows the same plot from the 2003 episode, "Susie Sings the Blues".

Characters Present

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