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Pedigree Name
Knight Squatch Squire Mondoon
Siberian tiger hound
Playing with Tommy, chasing balls
Fifi (mate), Puppies (children)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Spike is the Pickles' family pet. Tommy claims him to be his best "animal" friend. The character is considered a main character in the series, appearing in almost three quarters of all of the episodes, though he usually does not come along when the Rugrats venture to new locations. It is mentioned that his breed is the fictional "Siberian Tiger Hound", which is in universe an extremly rare and highly valuable breed of dog worth thousands of dollars. As shown in The Rugrats Movie and Rugrats Go Wild, Spike is very protective of the babies, as he sees them as his "babies", and it is during Rugrats Go Wild he is ashamed because he lost his "Babies.


Spike is Tommy's best "animal" friend. The dog is currently married to Fifi, a purple-and-white poodle. He often plays with Tommy and is usually seen inside or near the Pickles' house. Spike has helped the Rugrats through more adventures than he can count (if he could count, that is). Spike doesn't have any magical powers, and he doesn't seem to do anything all that amazing, but looks can be deceiving. Spike watches over the babies more closely than Stu, Didi or Lou. He is always willing to get his paws in the action when it comes to adventures.


Spike is mostly an orange-brown color. He has two gray spots on his body and wears a red collar with a gold tag.


Spike appears in most episodes of Rugrats and is classified a main protagonist of the series. His first appearance was in Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing, the pilot episode for Rugrats.


"You can find Spike gallery here."


  • Spike, along with other animals, does not speak, but there have been several occassions where he speaks such as In the Dreamtime in which he was voiced by Michael Bell and Rugrats Go Wild! where he was voiced by Bruce Willis.
  • Spike's collar tag is gold with no symbols or words on it, though a Spike plush toy was manufactured featuring his name on his collar.
  • Spike is one in three of the main Rugrats Characters to have the camera viewing from inside his mouth in All Grown Up. The other two are Angelica and Dil .

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