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(Susie catches Angelica bullying the babies.)

Susie: Hey! Leave them little kids alone!
Angelica: Oh, yeah? Who's gonna make me?
Susie: Me!
Angelica: You and what army?
Susie: Me and this army!
Angelica: Oh, yeah!
Susie: Yeah!
Tommy: You guys! You guys, don't fight!
Lil: Yeah, use your words!
Phil: What's that sposed' to mean?
Lil: I don't know.
Angelica: YES I CAN!

Tommy: STOOOOPPP!!!!

(Susie and Angelica play Chutes and Ladders together.)
Angelica: Chutes, chutes, chutes!
Susie: Ladders, ladders, ladders! I win! (Phil and Lil observe Angelica while she and Susie are trying to see who can hold their breath the longest.)
Phil: Hey, Angelica looks like a big balloon!
Lil: Maybe she'll fly away!
Phil: Maybe we can pop her!
Lil: Yeah! (Susie races after Angelica after Tommy waves the flag.)
Lil: Hey! That was cheating!
Tommy: Nah, Angelica told me, she was opposed to go right before the flag was waved, and Susie's opposed to right after.
Phil: Oh. Well, as long as it wasn't cheating.