Thank You, Angelica: The Rugrats Book of Manners is a Rugrats Book that was released February 1, 1999
Thank You, Angelica


One afternoon Tommy and Chuckie are playing in the den and Didi gives them fruit juice and tells Angelica to bring oatmeal cookies, which she does, all the while boasting about being "grown up". The three toddlers then watch a show where the people are bowing to a queen. Chuckie thinks they lost something and Angelica says they have manners, when people are extra nice. Then the people on TV throw flowers to the queen, and Chuckie wonder if the queen will throw some jewels back, and Angelica says the queen won't share her jewels, so they decide the queen is rude for not sharing. Chuckie loads his dump truck with cookies and rolls it across the table toward Tommy, but a cookie falls out and knocks Cynthia's hat off and the truck knocks the juice cups down and Spike licks Angelica's face, she declares angrily that the babies have terrible manners and, putting the Burger Doodle crown on, decides she will teach them manners, but be the queen and make Cynthia a princess. She asks the babies to please pass her and Cynthia a cookie each (without the dump truck) but Chuckie hears "peas". Angelica says "please" is the first good manner. Chuckie gives Angelica a cookie and she says "Thank you", proclaiming it the second good manner. But Spike takes the cookie and Angelica says it's not polite to play with food. Tommy and Chuckie go to chase Spike to serve the queen, but Angelica says it is bad manners to talk with your mouth full, run around the table or get up in front of the queen. Spike barks, thinking it to be a game and the crown is knocked off Angelica's head. After a bit of shouting (Angelica being angry, the twins being entertained and Tommy and Chuckie wanting to catch the crown) it lands on Spikes head, making him the "king". Angelica says that it was bad manners knocking the juice, taking the crown, smooshing the cookies and knocking off Cynthia's hat but Chuckie says they didn't mean to. Didi comes in and says "What a mess". Angelica points at the babies and Tommy and Chuckie chuckle and wave their hands, which Didi takes as a "sorry". Angelica apologises. Didi hugs them and declares them polite, though still confused about Spike and the crown.

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