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The Case of the Missing Rugrat Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 15b
Rugrats - The Case Of The Misisng Rugrat
The Case of the Missing Rugrat
Original Airdate December 13, 1992
VHS release Tommy Troubles (1997 reissue)
DVD release Season 2
Previous Episode Visitors from Outer Space
Next Episode Chuckie Loses His Glasses

The Case of the Missing Rugrat is the second segment of the fifteenth episode of season 2, and the fifty-fourth Rugrats segment overall.

Characters Present


After finishing his grocery shopping at Greenstreet's supermarket, Grandpa places Tommy into a Dusenburg, an old car, just for show. He only turns his back for a second, and Tommy is gone. After intensive searching, Grandpa traces Tommy to "Grey Gardens" at 1531 Selma Dr., home of Emma and Clarice Pendragon, a couple of old, blue-blooded ladies who have adopted him as their son.

- Description from Klasky Csupo.


Tommy and Grandpa Lou are stopping at the food store and while the trolley crashes into another car, Lou puts Tommy in a fancy car but he got the wrong car and has now officially lost Tommy. Tommy gets dropped off at a house with a man Max and two wacky sisters Clarice and Emma Pendragon who want to adopt Tommy and name him Balswick. They also have many cats and an orange parrot. Tommy hides with the parrot who says he is also called Tommy. Granpa Lou deals with people who for some reason lie to him and finds the fancy house. He shows photos of Tommy and Tommy goes home.


  • Grey Gardens is based loosely on a documentary called Grey Gardens, which focused on the life of 2 reclusive relatives of Jackie Onassis. Many 'nods' to the documentary are found throughout this episode, such as the proliferation of cats, the cutaway shot of the sisters feeding the cats, the dilapidated mansion, the eccentricity of the sisters, etc.
  • On the 1998/2002 reissues of the Tommy Troubles VHS, this episode is included as a bonus episode dispite it not being listed on the box art.

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