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The Finster Who Stole Christmas

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Season 02 Episode 10
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The Finster Who Stole Christmas
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The Finster Who Stole Christmas is the tenth episode of season two of All Grown Up!

Characters Present


As the holiday season approaches, Chuckie is dreading another forgettable Christmas. In order to liven things up, he mistakenly steals a great tree (to replace the lame one his dad has picked out). When he discovers that the whole community is after the thief, he hatches a plan to rectify the situation.


Like in Baby Sale from Rugrats, Kira's strength is shown when she pulls a man out of a taxi she and Kimi were trying to take in Mexico to get back home to California.

When Lil says "I've never seen you like this. It's kinda attractive." to Chuckie, it is a possible sign that Lil has a crush on him.


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