The First Cut Gallery Transcript

[The episode begins in the park with a close up of a feather floating in the air with sounds of tweeting being heard. The feather then floats downward toward a sidewalk as it revealed a baby bird lying on the sidewalk. The next scene shows the sun as Tommy, Lil, and Phil stand over the baby bird wondering what was wrong with it]

Tommy : "I think he's hungry."

Lil : "I think he's cold 'cause he doesn't gots no furs."

Phil : "Nah, he's scared. I've seen Chuckie squawk like that lots of times."

[As Phil is talking the scene cuts to showing Didi and Betty talking. Didi was sitting on a bench as Betty was standing next to her. The scene then cuts back to Tommy, Phil, and Lil looking down at the bird as Tommy speaks.]

Tommy: "Oh, I miss Chuckie, I wish he was here instead of at his Grandma's and Grandpa's."

Lil: "Maybe he likes being at his Grandma's and Grandpa's."

Tommy: "Oh yeah, then..I wish he was there."

Phil: "I thought he was there,"

[Lil then gasps and points to an oncoming runner who was running on the sidewalk towards them. The camera is then angled to make the runner's shoes look big. ]

Lil: "Oh no! Look!"

Tommy: "He's coming this way. Come on!"

[They all walk over to the grass as Tommy gasps and turns around remembering the baby bird]

Tommy: "The baby bird, I gots to go back!"

Lil: "No, Tommy, the big shoes will squish you."

Tommy: "I can make it."

[Tommy walks over and picks up the baby bird as he looked at the runner. Tommy quickly tried to get off the sidewalk but ends up tripping and falling. Tommy rolls into thorn bushes behind Phil and Lil. Tommy then looks up and sees the baby birds nest which had its family in it. Phil and Lil peek in the bushes after Tommy rolls into them.]

Lil: "You saved him!"

Phil: "Good going Tommy!"

Tommy: "Look his brother and sister!"

[Tommy sits the baby bird in the nest. Tommy then notices the small cut on his finger as it started bleeding. Tommy then gasps and starts crying as Didi came over and picked him up.]

Didi: "Tommy, oh, poor baby, did that mean thorny bush scratch you? Don't worry schnookums, mommy knew this day would come. Mommy will fix it. Now this will sting a little."

[Didi opens her first aid kit and grabs a box of bandages and a little spray bottle. Didi then starts cleaning the cut and sprays it as Tommy yelps in surprise.]

Didi: "Now we'll just put one of these on to keep your cut all nice and clean. All better, what a brave boy."

[Didi had put a Reptar bandage on Tommy's cut and kissed his forehead. Tommy looked up at her then back at his cut still a bit shocked about what happen. The screen then fades to black, then the next scene, Tommy, Phil, and Lil were in the sandbox]

Lil: "So that's why your mommy was hugging and kissing you extra lots."

Phil: "Cause you got a boo boo?"

Tommy: "Not a regular boo boo. Stuff came out of my finger."

[Tommy looks down at his hand before back up at Phil and Lil. Lil then gasps with her hands over her mouth.]

Lil: "Was it spit?"

Tommy: "No, it was red and sticky."

Phil: "Is there more red stuff in there?"

Tommy: "Yeah, but it can't come out no more, cause of my sticky thing. See? It's from my mommy's first grade kit. It's like when I had my rooster shot only this one has Reptar on it."

[Tommy showed Phil and Lil his Reptar bandage on his finger.]

Phil: Reptar! Let me see!"

Lil: "Can I try it on?"

[Phil grabbed Tommy's hand and pulled it closer to get a better look at the bandage. Tommy, after Lil asked her question, quickly pulled his hand back covering it up with his other hand.]

Tommy: "No! If you take it off, the red stuff will come out, and I'll shrivel up."

Phil: "Then I'll just get my own Reptar sticky! Here poke me with this."

[Phil picked up a stick from the sandbox and tried to hand it to Lil who wouldn't take it.]

Lil: "I'm not going to do that Phillip. It was my idea, you poke me first."

Tommy: "You guys! Listen to me, it's no fun to be cutted. First it hurts, then you get sprayed with stingy stuff, and it hurts even more and then.."

[Tommy gasped as Betty's arm was shown setting down a diaper bag. The scene then shows Betty and Didi looking down at the babies. Didi was holding the first aid kit.]

Betty : "How about we stop for ice cream?"

Phil: "We get ice cream! This cutted thing keeps getting better and better!"

[The scene then changes to the Pickles household as the same diaper bag Betty had was sitting next to the playpen open. It is then revealed that Phil and Lil got ahold of the Reptar bandages and had the bandages all over them. Phil and Lil were giggling as Lil pointed to her arm as Phil rubbed the bandage on his shirt.]

Lil: "I need a sticky here Phillip."

Phil: "I think you need two stickys and six for me!"

Lil: "But my pretend boo boo is bigger than yours."

Phil: "I'm apposed to be the doctor. I get to side who's boo boo is bigger."

[Phil grabbed a bandage from the handfull he had in his hand. Phil then looked and walked over to Tommy and tried to give Tommy the bandage.]

Phil: "Here Tommy, for your pretend boo boo."

Tommy: "I don't wanna play."

[Lil walked over as Tommy turned from them and looked at his finger.]

Lil: "Why not Tommy?"

[Angelica is standing outside the playpen]

Angelica : "Because he's got a real boo boo you dumb babies. Oh Tommy, I just heard about your cut and I was so worried about you."

[Angelica opens the playpen and walks inside]

Tommy: "You were?"

Angelica: "Sure Tommy, only us kids that got cutted know what an awful sperience it is. When it happened to me..but you probably don't want to hear about that."

[Angelica knelt by Tommy before standing back up facing away from them all. She then smiled an evil grin ]

Lil: "We do, we do!"

Phil: "Yeah, tell us, go ahead!"

[Angelica pulled Tommy up on his feet and walking with her.]

Angelica: "Well there I was minding my own busy-ness. Playing on mommy's stair climbing machine."

Tommy: "I thought you weren't apposed to play on the stair climbing machine."

Angelica: "Was it my fault that I fell off the stupid thing, and cutter my knee, and lots of blood came out?!"

Tommy: "Blood?"

Angelica: "Well it sure wasn't tomater soup!"

Tommy: "Was there...lots of it?"

Angelica: "Oh yes! It got all over mommy's dress I was accidentally wearing. They had to wrap me up like a mummy to keep all my blood in, and then they took me to the hospital so I wouldn't get an inflection."

[Suspenseful music plays as Angelica explains what happened]

Tommy: "What's that?"

Angelica : "It's when germ bugs fly in and swim around in your blood, and pretty soon you get tangerine."

Tommy: "Tangerine! Oh that sounds bad."

Angelica : "Oh it is, you turn all orange and your legs fall off! Of course I didn't get tangerine cause I had stitches."

Tommy: "What's that?"

Angelica: "Like when aunt Didi sewed your teddy bear after Spike ripped it's head off and all the stuffing fell out."

[Tommy looked over at his teddy bear kind of frightened as the scene cut and showed Tommy's teddy bear that indeed had been stitched back together]

Tommy: "They sewed you up with a sewing machine?!"

Angelica: "No silly, I was too big. Uh you could probably still fit though."

Tommy: "Me!"

[Tommy looked at his bandaged finger as Angelica rolled her eyes]

Angelica: "Oh no Tommy don't worry, not for this liddle boo boo. I mean time!"

[Angelica cackled evily as she left the playpen. The scene changed to Tommy sleeping in his crib during the night. Tommy was tossing and turning frantically as the scene changed into Tommy's dream. They were in a backyard like place playing some nightmarish carousel like music. Angelica was playing on the stair climbing machine, which was called "Stair Dominator 2006", as Angelica waved. Then it showed Phil and Lil fighting over a giant Reptar bandaid as they looked over.]

Phil and Lil: "Come on Tommy come out and play."

[Tommy started to walk over but ended up tripping and falling as he sat up and looked at his leg. Tommy gasped as stuffing began coming out of his leg, which had stiching down the side, as he tried to stop it from coming out. Angelica, Phil, and Lil then walked over]

Angelica: " Can we get a sewing machine out here?'

[Angelica then laughed evily as the stuffing covered her causing the screen to go black. The scene then cut to Tommy who bolted up from the nightmare.Tommy, panting heavily, looked at his finger before moving his blanket and examining his leg with a terrified look on his face. The scene then changes back to the playpen as it showed a teddy bear and a bunch of other toys lying on the ground covered in bandaids. Phil and Lil, with Phil pulling Lil in the wagon, were making ambulance noises as Phil picked up a doll and tossed it into the wagon.]

Lil: "Hurry Phillip, there's lots of sick dollies out there."

[Tommy then walks over to them]

Tommy: "Hi guys, whatcha playing?"

Phil: "Ambulance. Want to be the driver?"

Tommy: "Um..ok."

[ Phil then climbed into the wagon as Tommy walked over to the wagon and grabbed the handle of the wagon. Tommy then started pulling the wagon as Phil and Lil continued making ambulance noises. Tommy then looked back as his heart beat could be heard, instead of Phil and Lil who were still making the noises inaudiblely, as he looked at the edges of the wagon which looked kind of sharp to him. Sweat then drips from Tommy's forehead.]

Tommy: "I'll be ok, i'll be ok."

[The scene then cut to Angelica and Didi as Didi was carrying a sewing machine. ]

Didi: "I'm kind of busy today Angelica. Are you sure you need me to sew Cynthia's dress right now?"

Angelica: "Oh yes Aunt Didi, Cynthia needs to wear it to a ball so she can meet Prince Chairman, and live happily ever after."

Didi: "Oh well,if it's for romance."

[Angelica hugged Cynthia, as Didi then walked into the living room as Tommy looked at her and screamed, seeing the sewing machine. Tommy then fell to the ground facing away from Didi covering his face and shaking from fear. Stu then picked up Tommy.]

Stu: " I know what he needs, some fresh air. Come on champ lets go to the park."

[The scene then changes to the park again as it showed kids playing, including Phil and Lil who were playing in the sandbox, as Stu was sitting on a bench reading a newspaper. Tommy was sitting on the ground next to the bench, reading an ABC book upside down, as Spike was sitting on the other side scratching himself. A diaper bag was sitting on Spike's leash as Phil and Lil then walked up to Tommy.]

Phil: "Wanna slide Tommy?"

Tommy: "Uh no thanks guys, i'm just going to look at my book."

[Tommy then goes back to looking at his book as Phil and Lil look to each other as Phil shrugs. Spike then started barking pulling the leash from under the bag and runs off without Stu noticing.]

Stu: "Good boy,"

Lil: "Tommy, Spike's getting away!"

Phil: " And he's going to get squishered!"

[Tommy looks up from his book and looked in the direction Spike went. Spike runs onto the sidewalk and barks at a squirrel as two people are shown riding bikes down the sidewalk. Lil then gasps. ]

Lil: "It's worser than the big shoes!"

Phil: "What should we do Tommy?"

[Tommy then starts sweating again]

Tommy: " don't know."

Lil: "Poor Spikey, I can't look!"

Phil: "Me either,"

[Phil and Lil then covered their eyes, but still peeking. They looked  over at Spike, then to Tommy who had his eyes covered as well. Spike growled at the squirrel as the squirrel then scampered off seeing the bike riders. The bike riders ride around Spike as Phil and Lil sighed in relief and uncovered their eyes. ]

Phil: " Wow, you didn't even save your own dog

Lil: "Maybe he's sick,"

Phil: " Let's go play on the jungle gym before he throws up."

[Tommy uncovered his eyes as Phil and Lil walked away. Spike then walked over next to Tommy. The scene then switched back to the Pickles house as the camera zoomed in from the backyard towards Tommy's window and cut to Stu and Didi in Tommy's room]

Stu: "He wouldn't play at all, I couldn't even get him to swing. You think he's coming down with something?"

[Didi wraps a new bandage around Tommy's finger, as Tommy was sleeping, as Didi felt Tommy's head ]

Didi: "Hmmm.. Feels normal."

Stu: "Hey! You think he misses Chuckie?"

Didi: "Stu thats it! Oh poor Tommy, hmmm it's a good thing Chuckie comes home tomorrow. I thought they put more of these in a box."

[Didi looked into the Repatar bandaid box. The scene then changes back to the park for the final time as the camera zoomed into the hill, which Chuckie, Phil, and Lil were standing on top of.]

Chuckie : " And, and I didn't even mind when Grandma squished me and when she hugged me cause we had lots of treats and my grandma got me this."

[Chuckie pulled out a pinwheel and showed it to Phil and Lil as it started spinning in the wind. Phil then spins it again with his hand.]

Phil and Lil: " Wow!"

Chuckie: "I can't wait to show Tommy."

Phil: "I don't know, Tommy's been acting kind of funny."

Chuckie: "What do you mean?"

Phil: "Ssh, here he is."

[Tommy then walks up the hill and over to them]

Chuckie: "Hi Tommy!'

Tommy: "Hi Chuckie, boy i'm glad your back. I got lots of stuff to tell you about."

Chuckie: "Me too Tommy. I saw all kinds of neat stuff and, and my grandma got me this pinwheel. Look!"

[Chuckie then showed Tommy his pinwheel as it spinned again in the wind. Tommy viewed the pinwheel as if it was a razor sharp blade as Tommy screamed  and pushed Chuckie. Chuckie fell back and rolled down the hill as Phil, Lil, and Tommy ran over and looked. Tommy then saw  him heading for the thorn bushes. Tommy then ran and rolled down the hill after Chuckie as Phil and Lil watched in shock as Lil covered her eyes]

Tommy: "Chuckie!"

Chuckie: "Tommy!"

Tommy: " Chuckie!"

[Tommy then rolled and ended up in front of Chuckie as Tommy caught him just as they fell into and through the bushes and rolled out the other side. Chuckie and Tommy then sat up as Tommy looked at his hand to find he had another cut as Chuckie looked as well as he gasped.]

Chuckie: "Tommy you saved my life. Tommy you gots a boo boo!"

Tommy: "It was worth it Chuckie even if all my blood comes out, and I shrivel up or get an inflection."

[Chuckie gasped]

Chuckie: "Why would that happen Tommy?"

[Tommy held up his other hand with the bandage on his finger.]

Tommy: "Cause i gots this boo boo when you were at your grandma and grandpa's house, and now I gots this one."

[Tommy held up the hand showing the bleeding cut on his finger to Chuckie]

Chuckie: "Tommy listen, I had a boo boo just like that once. Let me show you something."

[Chuckie grabs Tommy's hand and pulls off the bandage. Tommy then pressed his hands against himself thinking all the blood was going to come out.]

Tommy: "Ow! Why did you do that? Now the blood's going to come out!"

Chuckie: "No it wont. See? This one's almost gone."

[Chuckie grabs Tommy's hand again and showed him his old cut which was almost healed and completely gone. Tommy then looked at his new cut]

Tommy: "Then, then this one's going to be ok too!"

[Phil and Lil; then walk from down the hill and over to them, Phil had Chuckie's glasses sitting on his head. Tommy then showed them his almost healed cut. Phil and Lil then pulled the bandages that they had on their arms off as well.]

Tommy: "Look guys its a mirable, my cuts gone!"

Phil and Lil: " A mirable!"

Lil: "Wait didn't we have pretend boo boos?"

[Phil then hands Chuckie's glasses back to Chuckie as Chuckie puts them on. Stu and Didi then walked over to the babies and kneeled down on the ground as Didi gasped seeing Tommy's second cut. Didi then whispered to Stu as they whispered back and fourth. Didi then looked over at Tommy and grabbed his hand to look at his finger.]

Didi: "Oh no Tommy's got another cut."

Stu: "I wonder why he's not crying."

Didi: "Now let's not alarm him. Hey snookums, can mommy see your finger?"

[Blood runs from Tommy's cut as Chas, who walks over and standing behind the bushes, sees the blood and faints.]

Stu: "Good thing we have that fancy first aid kit."

[Tommy and Chuckie look at each other smiling as a feather floats by as Tommy and Chuckie watch it before looking up seeing the baby bird from before on the branch. The baby bird flapped its wings on the branch before flying up a little and landing back down on the branch as another feather floats from it and flys in the wind. The screen then fades to black thus ending the episode]

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