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The Fun Way Day is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Chaz quits his job as a bureaucrat when he finds a new career that's suitable for both himself and Kira -- peddling coffee. In this episode, Chaz and Kira opens a cafe called The Java Lava, which will feature a variety of coffees and other drinks, plus a playpen for the Rugrats and the other visiting babies. However, the first day of business isn't doing well -- no customers, other than Chaz's friends, came in; there were technical difficulties with the equipment (some of it invented by Stu); and the coffee is too strong, even for Betty, who normally swears by it. Kira's solution -- hire a Feng Shui (pronounced "thing schway") expert to find the faults with the business, and to rearrange things to make things better, spiritually. This not only involves rearranging furniture and appliances, but also placing various gems and trinkets around. That makes the Rugrats believe that the "Fun Way" guy came by to play a game with the Rugrats.


  • Chaz and Kira started making plans for The Java Lava in Big Brother Chuckie.
  • The decision to open up a coffee house actually comes in a later (yes, later) episode -- Sweet Dreams.


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