The Rugrats Movie Score
The Rugrats Movie Score
Artist Mark Mothersbaugh, Jamshied Sharifi, The London Metropolitan Orchestra
Released November 15, 1999

The Rugrats Movie Score collects the instrumental music from The Rugrats Movie onto one disc. The second disc contains three bonus songs, Pop Song, Poop Song, and Have You Guys Seen My Shoes?.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Main Title: The Rugrats Theme
  2. Juice Bumps/Raider's March
  3. Big Ball/Window Smack
  4. Baby Shower Happenings
  5. At The Lipschitz Center
  6. Baby Dil
  7. Monkey Circus
  8. Monkeys Hijack Train
  9. Bothers Fight
  10. Reptar Wagon Unveiled/Shipper Arrives
  11. Truck Crash/Searching The House/Rugrats In The Woods
  12. Cynthia's Gone
  13. Tommy Consults The Watch
  14. Angelica On The Chase/Angelica Crashes
  15. The Reporters
  16. Dil Pees/Nakey Speech/The Lizard
  17. Downhill Run/Bambi Blast
  18. Downhill Run Reprise
  19. Into The River
  20. Scared Ranger/Stu Gets A Plan
  21. Adventures In Aqua Reptar/Dactar Down
  22. Going Around In Circles/Meet The Monkeys
  23. Rugrats Fend Off Monkeys
  24. Angelica Versus Wolf/Dactar Flies
  25. Rugrats Fight
  26. Tommy's Off To Find Dil
  27. Tommy Finds Dil
  28. Tommy Snaps/Forest Bonding
  29. Rugrats Attacked By Storm
  30. Monkeystalk
  31. Chuckie Saves Tommy
  32. The Big Chase
  33. Spike Fights The Wolf
  34. Salvation On The Bridge
  35. Raider's March/The Rugrats Theme

Disc 2

  1. Pop Song
  2. Poop Song
  3. Have You Guys Seen My Shoes?