The Rugrats Movie Storybook
Number of Pages 32
Written by Sarah Wilson
Released October 1, 1998

The Rugrats Movie Storybook is a book based on the movie The Rugrats Movie and was released October 1, 1998. Several segments featured in the original movie are left out of the book.



All the fast-paced action of the Rugrats Movie is captured in this fully illustrated storybook. Join the Rugrats on their unforgettable adventure as they take a riotous ride on Stu Pickles' brand-new Reptar wagon and journey through deep, dark woods populated by a pack of newly escaped circus monkeys. Will the intrepid Rugrats find their way back home safe and sound? - Back Cover


  • Characters such as the park rangers and the travelling circus owners that do appear in the movie are left out of the book.

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