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Tie My Shoes Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 15b
Rugrats - Tie My Shoes
Tie My Shoes
Original Airdate April 11, 1999
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Silent Angelica
Next Episode What's Your Line?
Tie My Shoes is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


It starts with Angelica watching a show that teaches you how to tie your shoes, starring two snakes as the laces. Angelica is very proud that she can tie shoes and goes to find something to tie. Meanwhile Betty, Charles, Chuckie, Didi, Dil, Howard, Lillian, Phillip, Spike and Tommy are visiting to have a barbecue.

Chuckie falls over because his shoelaces are undone, then the babies go to play in the playpen. Angelica comes and ties Chuckie's shoes, still proud she can do it, and claims snakes taught her. Chuckie thinks he will never learn as he is scared of snakes. Angelica then ties Spike's ears and goes off to find things to tie. Just then Charles comes to tie Chuckie's shoes but sees they are already done and believes Chuckie is a genius and can tie his own shoes. Then he goes off to cook.

Chuckie is nervous that his dad is proud of something he didn't do and scared his shoes will come untied. Spike accidentally unties them and he (reluctantly) goes to find Angelica, who has been tying everything in sight. She pretends she's tired to make the babies give her a piece of pie, then (reluctantly) ties Chuckie's shoes. They go untied again and this time she wants cheese curls. Charles wants to see Chuckie tie his shoes but he goes and hides while Angelica does it. Deviously, Angelica unties them and then demands a cake.

The adults, who have been cooking, go to watch Chuckie tie his shoes and Betty, Charles and Didi think he'll be on TV. Chuckie hides in the couch while Angelica admits she was the one tying his shoes. They ask her to show him but she forgets how, so she'll go to shoe tying school, and Charles hugs Chuckie and tells him he has time to learn.

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