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Tony Pickles

Tony Pickles is one of Tommy and Angelica's cousins who appears in "Family Reunion" .


Tony is one of Tommy's cousins and only appears in "Family Reunion" He is the only one of the cousins that may be from the city. He has black hair similar to Elvis, looks almost identical to Tommy, and speaks with a Brooklyn accent. Its hinted he's from New York since he his red shirt has the initials for New York City on it. Out of all of the Pickles cousins, very little is known about him and he has little speaking part. It should also be noted that Tony may be the only child with a broken family, but its just a possibility. As it's seen as the babies run to their families, Tony is the only one not seen with a Mom and a Dad. He is seen briefly being carried by his mother, but there's no sign of his father. Like Tommy, he seems to be pigeon toed as he is seen standing with his feet pointing inward like Tommy's.


Tony has black hair similar to Elvis, looks almost identical to Tommy, he also wears a little black leather jacket a red shirt, like Tommy he doesn't wear pants just his diaper. He also walks barefoot.


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