Tricycle Not For You
Tricycle Not For You
Episode Music
Sung by Phil and Lil
Released October 2, 2001
Album The Newest Nicktoons
"Tricycle Not For You" Rugrats The Splat01:23

"Tricycle Not For You" Rugrats The Splat

(Episode Scene)
Tricycle Not For You01:25

Tricycle Not For You

(Album Version)
Tricycle Not For You is a song featured in Music. It is sung by Phil and Lil as their song to teach Dil about music. During the song they fight over a tricycle until their Mom makes them another one.


Phil: Lillian, Lillian What are you trying to do? You're so dumb if you think this trike's for you

Lil: I told you it's mine already. But you can have our teddy.

Both: Then I'll look neat upon the seat of a trike that is not for you!

Lil: Phillip, Phillip! What are we going to do? I don't wanna go on this trike with you.

Phil: We could just try to share it.

Both: Nah!

Phil: Or maybe our mom can tear it.

Both: Then we'll look neat upon the seats of the trikes that are not for you!

Phil: I said....


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