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Season 3 Episode 16a
Under Chuckie's Bed
Original Airdate January 9, 1994
VHS release Bedtime Bash
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode Tommy and the Secret Club
Next Episode Chuckie is Rich

Under Chuckie's Bed is the 16a episode of Rugrats from Season 3.

Characters Present


A devilish Angelica instills fear in Chuckie that a monster live beneath his new "big boy" bed. This makes him extremely apprehensive about this new stage in his childhood, until Chaz points out the truth to his relieved son.


  • In this episode Chuckie gets a new bed to replace his crib, but in previous episodes he has a bed. (For instance The Odd Couple) Must be due to a continuity issue.
  • This episode was released as part of Bedtime Bash
  • Starting with this episode, the intro's color is more darker, with the exception of episode 57.


  • Angelica: (mocking and singing) Chuckie's gonna get eated, eated, eated! Chuckie's gonna get eated by the monster under his bed!
  • Monster: Wrong-a-ronni!

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