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Season 3, Episode 16a
Under Chuckie's Bed
Original Airdate January 9, 1994
Previous Episode Tommy and the Secret Club
Next Episode Chuckie is Rich

Under Chuckie's Bed is the 16a episode of Rugrats from Season 3.

Characters Present


A devilish Angelica instills fear in Chuckie that a monster live beneath his new "big boy" bed. This makes him extremely apprehensive about this new stage in his childhood, until Chaz points out the truth to his relieved son.


  • In this episode Chuckie gets a new bed to replace his crib, but in previous episodes he has a bed. (For instance The Odd Couple) Must be due to a continuity issue
  • This episode was released as part of Bedtime Bash
  • Starting with this episode, the intro's color is more darker, with the exception of episode 57.


  • Angelica: (mocking and singing) Chuckie's gonna get eaten, eaten, eaten! Chuckie's gonna get eaten by the monster under his bed.
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