We Go Up, We Go Down
We Go Up, We Go Down
Tommy and Lil in a drawing board for the song
Episode Rugrats Go Wild
Sung by Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Kimi, and Susie
Released December 16, 2003
Album Rugrats Go Wild Home Video Release
Rugrats Go Wild - We Go Up, We Go Down01:25

Rugrats Go Wild - We Go Up, We Go Down

We Go Up, We Go Down is a song that didn't make the final cut in the Rugrats Go Wild Movie


Tommy: We're on the boat in a giant bathy

Lil: Lots of bubbles, and sky, and air

Chuckie: ( Chuckie walks over with a bucket) I've never seen a bathroom like this

Kimi: It's dry in here and the waters out there

( A huge wave crash onto the boat washing the babies down  and back onto the boat playpen's floor)

Phil: I like the water with suds and slimies (Phil pulls on the seaweed that's on him)

Kimi: ('Kimi has a handful of seaweed)' Kind of tickles!

Lil: (Lil has seaweed on her head like hair) It feels like hair!

Tommy: Splishy Splashy! (Tommy walks and splashes in a water puddle)

Kimi: It makes me happy!

Chuckie: I usually don't throw up in the bathy

All (except Susie): First we go up, then we go down!

( The boat goes up, causing the babies to roll to the left, then down, causing the babies to go the other way)

We go back and fourth!

(Chuckie rolls off to the left leaving the bucket)

Then we go all around

(The babies twirl, chest bump with their life vests, and stand in a circle around the bucket as Chuckie tries to crawl over and grab it)

When we're together, there's nothing we can't do

(The babies fall to the ground and lie on their backs around Chuckie who is sitting and hovering over the bucket trying no to throw up)

I like being in the same boat with you!

(Dil's head pops out of the bucket, which is filled with water, as Dil smiles)

Phil: Hey this is a bath let's all get nakey! (Phil pulls down his shorts and diaper)

Lil: Why not guys we're getting wet! (Lil takes off her diaper)

Tommy: Look at Chuckie, he's kind of shaky

Chuckie: Oh my tummy's getting all upset

(Kimi grabs the huge life preserver from the wall and puts it around her and Dil as it slids across the floor)

Kimi: Sailing, Sailing down the stream

Lil: This is like our bestest dream

(Phil and Lil jump into the life preserver)

Tommy: Floating in the ocean makes me happy

(Tommy jumps up and into the life preserver as well as it slids next to Chuckie standing with the bucket)

Chuckie: I usually don't throw up in the bathy

(Chuckie watches as the life preserver bonces off the wall and flies above his head as he falls into the bucket)

All (except Chuckie but with Susie): First we go up!

Chuckie: First we go up!

(The life preserver goes to the other side of the playpen as Susie jumps in with Chuckie, stuck in the bucket, bouncing behind because of the boat moving)

All: Then we go down

Chuckie: Then we go down!

(The life preserver, along with Chuckie in the bucket go back down)

All: We go back and forth

(The preserver rolls back and fourth with the babies and Susie still in it)

All (including Chuckie): Then we go all around!

(The life preserver and bucket tip over causing them all to fall out onto the floor but Chuckie's still stuck in the bucket)

Tommy: It's so exciting (Tommy grabs a bainster post and spins around)

Phil: I think I gotta poop ( Phil causes Tommy to fall down)

Lil: I got something in my diapey! How about you? (Phil blushes and nods as Lil smiles and Tommy stands up and  points to Phil smiling)

All: First we go up

(The boat flies up because of a wave causing them all to fly up as well)

Then we go down

(The boat goes back down as they fall back down as well)

Then we go back and fourth

(The bucket tips back and fourth before falling over getting Chuckie unstuck)

And we go all around, When we're together there's nothing we can't do

(They slid on the floor like a slip and slide and over to Chuckie who was holding onto the wall as they all bounce against the wall and fall over getting the bucket to fall on Chuckie's head)

I like being in the same boat with you!

(Susie helps Chuckie get the bucket off his head as they all smile and hug)

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